Monday, December 29, 2008


This is our bus to Pontianak. My friend & I went to Pontianak on the 28th/Nov/2008 (friday), our bus journey started at 8am from 4th mile bus station in Kuching. The journey took us 9 hours to reach Pontianak.

This is Entikong the checkpoint before we enter Kalimantan. Seems like the way they work is totally different from us. I saw the officers smoking when they stamped our pastports and the guards were smoking too while on duty. The 'best' part was when we had to do the no.1. My goodness, to my surprise I would totally advice you all to do it before entering Entikong. The toilet entrance fee cost us 50sens (macam maok pegi ke jamban di Sogo) (1000 rupiah). Actually the convertion should be around 30sens only....ah well, when you got to go..

Took this shot from the bus. A mother giving bath to the daughter...and the water was black in color (from the longkang). And it's true when you hear people say that they bath and brushing their teeth using air longkang (water from the drainage). We should be thankfull to our water company, providing us cleaned tap water direct to our homes.

This is Kapuas River

This is drive in car wash...I couldn't see any pipe, but then I realised that they pumped the water from the drain to use to wash the cars and motorcycles.

This is Tugu Khatulistiwa (Equator monument) in Pontianak. Pontianak situated on the equator. That is why Pontianak is really hot & humid.

This is the police station in Pontianak.

This is their biggest mall in Pontianak (Ayani Mega Mall).

Our first drink we had at the Mega mall food court. This is Apulkat Jus (Avocada Juice). Avocada is very popular in Pontianak. You can find this juice being serve in almost every restaurant and coffee shops in Pontianak. And also they are famous with their "Bak So" or "Bak Ee" (meatballs). They have bak so in their soup and noodles.

This is the saloon "Johny Andrean" in Mega mall where we had our creme bath and reflexology. I reckoned our salons in Kuching should have this service too. The creme bath is really fantastic. It massages our scalps and neck and right to our shoulders. The price for pampering ourselves was incredible and you won't believe it, the whole package that took about 2hrs, pampering with massages only cost us less then RM15. But I guess if this were to be in Kuching, the price would be in 3 figures.

This is the Hotel Kini where we stayed.

This is our room. Very clean and comfortable. The price for a night is 145,000.00 rp (approx. equivalent to RM43).

This is Pasar Sudirman....situated not far from our hotel (walking distance). It's some sort like pasar malam/arcade. Where you can buy goods and bargain.

This is Santo Yoseph (St.Joseph Cathedral) a Roman Catholic Church in Pontianak. The church is a walking distance from the hotel where we stayed.

This is the souvenir market or what they call it as "toko sopernet".... you can find souvenirs and pets store and they even sell helmets.. The helmets are really nice with knockout designs but in reality the helmets have no 'sirim' labelled to it. Nice to look at but not safe to use.

This is where we had our lunch on the 2nd day of our stay in Pontianak. We had a full course meal (steak, soup, salad & desert). Price very reasonable around RM30 per/person.

This is the famous Pecal Leyley in Pontianak. Pecal is fried chicken and leyley is fried catfish. The sambal is made from cashew nuts, tomatoes, chilies and shallots. We had it take away for dinner.

This is the becha man that took us from our hotel to Mega mall and the ride took around half an hour to reach and it cost us around 20,000.00rp (RM6) for the both of us.

The becha is really small but the guy just won't let us take another becha. So both of us had to squeeze....the ride was fine and fun because we had sight seeing while on our way to our destination but not that comfortable for me though, I wish I had a smaller butt. And just imagined we are so heavy but the becha man did not stop even for a red light, I reckoned if he were to stop, I think he would have to struggle to start paddling, so might as well he didn't at all until we reach mega mall.

And this is another public transport which they call "oplet". It's a small van, they charge 2500rp per/person (75sen).

Rain started to pour when we say goodbye to Pontianak. Our journey started at night on the 30th/Nov. We left our hotel around 11pm Malaysian Time (Pontianak is 1 hr behind). And we reached Kuching Bus Station around 8am on the 1st/Dec.

For more photos please click on picture below:-


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Your post on Pontianak trip seems interesting! And also informative, esp you provided the price/fares. The food looks good too! I should visit Pontianak someday.

Have a nice day!

Just a passer by.

kahkeong said...

im planing go pontianak alone... i need some info from u email s send me ur mail... pls delete this comemnt

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i enjoy reading your trip to pontianak, i just came back from pontianak too, it was great. But we stay in Orchardz hotel, great hotel with great location and service. U should walk around jalan gajahmada , very interesting like chinatown

Claire Emerald said...

Hi...just wanna clarify that "sirim" is only in malaysia. Those helmets have he standard mark like sirim, we called it SNI. So it is safe to use. Well, nice holiday you had. But wondering where is that pecel lele stall that served cashew nut sauce? I'm curious and wanna give a try haha....

Anonymous said...


You posted about Nasi Pecel Lele in your blog, if you still can remember, do you mind to share me the location?


hotel di pontianak said...

Nice tripp..

Waiting for visit other city in indonesia

Tukang Jalan Jajan said...

Now pontianak are totally different. Please come again.

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